Nintendo® Homebrew

A primarily Discord based community about Nintendo® consoles and how to hack them.

About Us

Mission Statement

We aren't a cohesive organisation with a single goal; more a loose collection of people with similar interests.
However, we do share a common objective: advance the development of homebrew/custom firmware and help people use it in cool ways.



Some of our community members run various websites which are useful to people looking to hack their consoles, such as Bruteforce Movable, a distributed cryptographic bruteforcing system which assists in the hacking of 3DS consoles (written by DeadPhoenix).
We have also been transferred ownership of the domain, which contains lots of information about hacking consoles.
New: the wiki



We have several projects and sources available on Github, notably our sources for our Discord bot and some of the pages. We welcome community contributions.

Appeal a ban or restriction

If you have been restricted or banned from our server and wish to make an appeal, please download the appeal form, fill it out and email it to us at


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